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Lago Carrera, in the heart of central Patagonia, dawn over the icefields



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Welcome to Wild Patagonia

a magic destination
for adventurous travelers

The southern end of Chile is one of the world's most unspoiled wild ocean and mountain environments and last great refuges from the "known world." Here it is still possible to explore mountain ranges that have never seen a human footprint, climb to the top of unnamed peaks, navigate rivers and coastal waterways teeming with wildlife, and to discover in the faces of the country folk, a power, contentment, and intelligence born of the struggle to survive in this rugged land. Owing to its extreme natural beauty, relative ease of access, good food and water, and personal security, Patagonia is rapidly becoming one of the top travel destinations for the outdoors oriented.

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Salvaje Corazon is a small custom provider of unique travel experiences to Chilean and Argentine Patagonia. We take our clients to spectacular locations that are little known and as yet uncrowded. Here you will come to understand the meaning of "discovery" and "wild places."

We have spent years searching out the very best that Patagonia has to offer in terms of variety, scenic beauty, special interest activities, and accommodations. As well as backcountry trips for the physically fit and adventurous, we also offer programs suited to families and the older traveler.

While we offer a variety of pre-packaged itineraries, all of them can be modified and/or extended to suit the particular needs and interests of your private group.

Our main office and center of operations is in Coyhaique Chile in the very heart of this fantastic region. This allows us to carefully oversee and control the various logistical and quality-control details of your travel experience.


the Patagonia Guide Service

In the USA:
P O Box 3428
Aspen CO 81612
tel  (415) 990 7748

in Chile:
Casilla 311
Coyhaique, XI region, Chile
tel  (56)(67)2211488
fax (56)2 28733999